Our Services

Test Preparation
We can develop successful skills and strategies for test taking that are appropriate for the FCAT. By completing practice test questions and materials that simulate the FCAT, the students are prepared when the test is presented to them.

Homework Help
Often homework becomes the parents problem and not the responsibility of the student. North County Tutoring eliminates that by helping students to complete daily and weekly homework. This time also allows the concepts being taught in class to be reinforced on an individual basis. Hearing it twice, and often in a different way, can help the student retain the subject matter better. We have tutors that specialize in Physics, Algebra, and English.

Skill Building
Multiplication facts, reading comprehension, etc are the building blocks of an education. Spending extra time learning these skills and facts instill self confidence and can give students an advantage in the classroom. 

North County Tutoring works with parents, teachers, and other professionals as requested. Mrs. Keppel can attend IEP meetings and conferences to support classroom instructors.
Home School Lessons
North County Tutoring offers home school students an hour and half session which includes a full lesson taught on a selected subject. We use the students text as well as other resources to teach new concepts to home school students.

Personalized preparation in Math, Science, or English. Lessons will also include test taking skills and tips. Practice tests will be given to help build confidence and help student become more comfortable with the test.