We were incredibly worried about the FCAT when our daughter was in 3rd grade. Her reading fluency was not where it should be and to make things worse she was not interested in Reading. We put her at North County Tutoring that year for weekly assistance as well as the FCAT boot camp. Not only did her confidence improve but so did her fluency. She was actually enjoying her school work for once and her grades had improved. When FCAT's came around not only did she do well but she exceeded what we thought she would! It was such a great experience for us, I will definitely go back if she struggles in middle school.  

 My son, David, has been tutoring with Nicole for the past three years. Nicole has done wonders for my son and really cares about her students' education. Before Nicole, my son barely got C's on his report cards and now he is getting A's and B's. If you want your child to excel, then Nicole is your teacher!

My son, Michael,  had been struggling in all his classes especially math. Before Nicole he had D's and F's but recently brought home his best  progress report ever with B's and A's. I now am having her work with him in other subjects as well as with my younger son.  I can't tell you enough how pleased my wife and I are. If anybody asks, I would highly recommend North County Tutoring.  

We think Nicole is awesome. Our daughter went from reading at a first grade level to passing the FCAT in 8 months. The hour each week she spends with Nicole has helped her immensely.

I am very fortunate to have Nicole tutor my child.  She has been doing this with my daughter, Jessica, for  2 years. Jessica has made significant improvement in any area that Nicole has tutored her in. Nicole’s schedule is very  flexible. Jessica  feels very comfortable discussing any of her areas where she is having trouble. When she is having a test in an area that she is having difficulty Nicole is only a phone call away. This helps Jessica  in preparing for her test. She walks away feeling more confident. She’s the best !!

I don't know what we would have ever done without North County Tutoring. Nicole has brought my 3rd grade son from D's and F's to A's and B's in two short semesters. She has also built his confidence and prepared and him for a successful FCAT. We are eternally grateful for her services. 
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