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Personalized Tutoring Options

One on One tutoring memberships begin at once a week for 30 minutes a week. Your student will be paired with the tutor we feel will best help them reach their goals. Your student will be able to have a set time weekly that is guaranteed to leave you with a predictable schedule. Our tutors will work along with parents in strong communication on their students path to success throughout the year.

Semi Private Tutoring memberships also begin at once a week for 30 minutes a week. These sessions have 2 or 3 students in one session with the tutor. This session may be a more affordable option for your family, while still giving your student access to our amazing staff. Your students will have a set guaranteed time each week. You will also receive strong communication from our tutors on your students path to success throughout the year!

Are you looking for something else from your tutoring experience? Reach out to us so that we can build a program to fit your needs. We also have memberships for extended time sessions weekly if you are looking for an hour or more of tutoring each week. 

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